Ann Helena Neudek

Utterly Alone

The Scars of my Childhood and How I Found my Way in Life

»The beating had stopped. I cowered in the small tub. My mother sat in front of me and cried as she massaged her swollen hands.«

For years, Ann Helena Neudek was beaten and humiliated by her parents. From the outside they seemed to be a well-to-do, storybook family, but behind the facade violence and fear reigned. Depression and suicidal thoughts accompanied her into adulthood.

In this very personal and poetic book, Ann Helena Neudek delves into the horrors of her childhood, which still overwhelm her like a bolt of lightning at times. Therapy, love for her husband, and the power of words are helping her let go of all the trauma and trust in life. The story of her journey into her past inspires us to have courage, trust ourselves, and find our way to life.

  • Parental violence in the upper educational class
  • A story with poetic power

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0728-5
Hardcover with dust jacket
208 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 19.99

Title in German

The Author

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Ann Helena Neudek

Ann Helena Neudek was born in Lower Saxony in 1976. She studied product design and business studies and acts as brand and communication manager. Moreover she is an author and children’s book illustrator and lives close to Frankfurt on the Main.