Lea Ackermann

The Fight Goes On – So Women Can Live in Dignity

How Something New Began with the Death of My Son

»If Sister Lea Ackermann hadn’t ended up with the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, she could have become a revolutionary or head of state. Her combination of a powerful sense of justice, outrage, and ability to take action is explosive,« proclaimed none other than the women’s magazine EMMA.
Lea Ackermann left her career in banking and went to Africa as an ordained nun. Encounters with the misery of forced prostitution changed her life. Her relief organization for women in crisis, SOLWODI (Solidarity with Women in Distress), has long drawn international acclaim.
Michael Albus challenged her to share on a very personal level: how she became who she is; where she draws the strength to change things; what enrages her; why she can nonetheless remain cheerful; what she believes in and what she hopes for. The honest words of a courageous woman.

  • Lea Ackermann’s autobiography as told to Michael Albus
  • Ackerman celebrated her 80th birthday in February 2017
  • SOLWODI is celebrating over 30 years of change for women

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0884-8
Hardcover with reading ribbon
160 pages
Format 13 x 21 cm
EUR 15.00

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Lea Ackermann