Peter Schmidt

Out of the Ordinary

Practical Autism Information by Someone Who Knows About It

There are many prejudices about autistic people, as conveyed by films like “Rain Man” that still shape the prevailing view of them to this day. But what is autism really and how can we better understand the people who have it? Dr. Peter Schmidt, himself an Asperger autist and highly talented geophysicist, explains the typical types of autistic behaviour and how these may be perceived from the inside and outside viewpoint. Misunderstandings are pre-programmed in living with others and at the workplace if non-autistic people do not take into consideration the autists’ different way of perceiving things and special needs. This book provides a well-founded professional and yet entertaining contribution on this topic.

  • Understanding autism
  • A non-fiction book about autism from the inner and outer perspective
  • With recommendations for autism-friendly schools and workplaces

ISBN 978-3-8436-1175-6
Hardcover with dust jacket
256 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
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Peter Schmidt

Dr. Peter Schmidt has a Ph.D. in geophysics, and is an expert in information technology. His passions include volcanoes, deserts and streets of all kinds. At the age of 41, a coincidence led him to realize that he has Asperger’s syndrome. He has a rare talent for mathematics and the natural sciences, but human communication is often a riddle for him. He lives with his wife and two children in northern Germany.