Elena Pirin

My Lion Cub

The Adventure of Raising a Child with a Handicap

Leo is a wonderful little person. He does just fine, just not at the pace that development tests and school plans expect. When Elena Pirin and her husband adopted a baby, they didn't realize their child was developmentally delayed. Leo showed shortcomings in coordination and cognition, and was far behind in learning. He was also plagued by unexpected panic attacks.

Elena Pirin loves her now ten-year son above everything else, but sometimes she is discouraged by the difficulties that everyday life with a disabled child entails. With a good mix of humor and seriousness, she describes how she embraces her son in his otherness and helps him to accept himself. This is a gripping book that warms the heart, brings on the laughter, and gives courage.

  • the touching, true-life story of a brave family
  • new in our series of bestselling books, written by life itself
  • inclusion from a refreshingly different viewpoint

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0767-4
Hardcover with dust jacket
216 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 19.99

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The Author

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Elena Pirin

Elena Pirin, born 1969 in Sofia, lives in Hamburg. She is street worker, author and journalist. Together with her husband she takes care of her son Leo.