Susanne Preusker

I Will Just Keep Texting

Text messages of saying goodbye

Gabi and Tine are best friends. When Tine is diagnosed with cancer and later moves into a hospice, they text each other heart wrenching, encouraging and sad messages. The fragmentary style of this exceptional correspondence has its own charm. The text messages are framed by no less touching comments from Susanne Preusker.
What´s special: After Tines death, Gabi keeps writing text messages to Tine as an attempt to cope with her grief. What she doesn´t know is that the intimate messages are read by an unknown man who coincidentally took over Tines phone number….

  • Intimate insights into the taboo subject of dying
  • Touching text messages as supporting element

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0990-6
Hardcover with dust jacket
106 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 16.00

The Author

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Susanne Preusker

Susanne Preusker is a certified psychologist and psychotherapist. She was the head of a social-therapeutic department for sexual offenders in a high security prison in Bavaria, until she spent seven hours as a hostage. She lives with her husband and her dog Emmi in Magdeburg, Germany. Her first book, »Seven Hours in April« was a bestseller.