Dörte Maack

How to Build a Castle from Ruins

The Story of How I Went Blind and Regained My Joy in Life

Dörte Maack leads the life of a dazzling circus performer – until she is blindsided with the diagnosis of an incurable eye disease. She makes two plans: A: Not to become blind. B: If she does, she will take her own life. She clings to every straw, but the blindness continues to progress. After hitting the bottom, she suddenly feels some ground beneath her feet. Plan C begins to mature: She returns to the stage as a blind presenter and speaker. And with her last bit of vision, she meets the man of her life, who will never get any older for her from this time on. In a moving and very witty way, Dörte Maack describes the process of dramatic changes that she has taken into her own hands with courage and confidence. This book inspires people in serious life crises to defy obstacles and trust in life.

  • Moving life story
  • Joy of life despite a stroke of fate

ISBN 978-3-8436-1260-9
200 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 20.00

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Dörte Maack

Dörte Maack was a street artist, acrobat and founder of the Kirschkern theatre company until 1992. Then she learned in that she would gradually go blind. Despite a total loss of eyesight, she completed degrees in education, sports science and linguistics. She now works as a presenter, speaker and coach. She lives with her husband, their two children and a guide dog Lila near Hamburg. Her German-language website is www.doerte-maack.de.