Anemone Zeim / Madita van Hülsen

Never Forget

Structuring Grief with Memories

No one can truly understand grief before they have experienced it personally. And then suddenly you are immersed in a situation in which everything you could previously rely on fails you. What remains are the memories. Consciously turning to your own treasure trove of memories, sorting through them and creatively engaging with them, helps us find a personalized and healing path through grief.

Anemone Zeim and Madita van Hülsen experience this daily in their work accompanying people through the mourning process. What this process can look like and why memories are so important is the subject of this book.

Grief can become a friendly monster and a companion, from whom we learn a great deal that can be applied to other situations in life.

  • background knowledge and suggestions for a creative coping with grief
  • the only book on working with memories for mourners

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0705-6
144 pages
with numerous photographs
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 16.99

The Authors

© Ilona Habben

Anemone Zeim

Anemone Zeim is a communications designer, texter and trained grief counselor. She advises mourners and translates memories creatively in a vivid form.

© Ilona Habben

Madita van Hülsen

Madita van Hülsen is a communications specialist and trained grief counselor. She works as freelance moderator and journalist.