Katrin Brunner / Petra Paul


Travel Guide through a Foreign Country

This extraordinary travel guide describes the six typical mourning phases as landscapes full of special characteristics. In a compact form, it offers information on what is worth perceiving and what is good for the soul, as well as tips for travel companions and the necessary “luggage.” No one voluntarily books a trip through grief. But if you are abandoned by the loss of a loved one in this foreign country, it is good to have a travel guide like this with you.

  • A compact and unusual description of the mourning period
  • Provides support in consciously walking the personal path of mourning
  • A new type of grief guide

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1213-5
Softcover with flaps
88 pages
Format 10.5 x 19 cm
EUR 12.00

Title in German

The Authors

© Privat

Katrin Brunner

Katrin Brunner, freelance typographer and photographer; her partner died of cancer in the summer of 2013.

© Privat

Petra Paul

Petra Paul, funeral advisor for the City of Zurich and translator.