Silke Szymura

A Part of Me

Embracing My Grief and Continuing to Live. For People After the First Year of Mourning

What happens to grief after one, two or three years and beyond when the surrounding world has re-turned to its routine agenda? Where and how can it now get the space that it needs? The blogger and grief counsellor Silke Szymura sensitively describes in this book how people can succeed in giving up the battle against undesired feelings, embrace their own grief and step by step find their way back into a new life that is good in a different way.

  • Loving accompaniment for people after their first year of mourning
  • A topic that has hardly been discussed in literature up to now

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1083-4
Softcover with flaps
176 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 16.00

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Silke Szymura

Silke Szymura works as an author, blogger, seminar leader and grief counsellor. Her studies in media informatics led her into the IT sector until the sudden loss of her life partner confronted her with death, grief and her handling of it. She took a break from everything to rearrange her life and trained to become a grief counsellor. Today she writes, offers counselling via email and leads grief groups and workshops.