Rainer Haak

The Travels of Monsieur Jacques

Stories of Seeking and Finding Happiness

Rainer Haak tells stories about Monsieur Jacques: The loveable bon vivant goes on journeys – and takes a lot of curiosity about life with him. Every encounter that he experiences in foreign places is related to seeking and finding happiness. His worldly wisdom: Happiness is when you experience that life is waiting for you with open arms… 

  • Stories about happiness

ISBN: 978-3-86917-767-0
48 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 9.00

The Author

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Rainer Haak

Rainer Haak was a youth leader, waiter, bookseller, pastor and a concert and travel organiser before he became one of the most successful book authors with more than nine million books sold in the German-speaking world.