Max Bolliger

The Sun Secret

And Other Stories That Give Us Light

With illustrations by Yvonne Hoppe-Engbring

The stories, fairy tales and parables by Max Bolliger are like a light that suddenly lets us see things more clearly. Many people are familiar with the successful Swiss writer as an author of books for children and young people. Yet, his works are timeless because of his clear language and convincing message. Their appeal extends far beyond one particular age group. And even more: They give us a key to life and illuminate some of the dark. However, they always stay what they are: likable, touching, reflective or cheerfully mischievous and always human.

  • To read aloud or enjoy quietly
  • Charmingly illustrated

ISBN: 978-3-86917-629-1
64 pages
Format 16 x 19 cm
EUR 15.00

Title in German

The Author

Max Bolliger

Max Bolliger (1929-2013) was one of the most known and succesful authors in Switzerland. Many of his stories became classics and have been reprinted for decades.