Doris Bewernitz

Little Mr. Lu Chi

Stories about Life´s Wisdom

What would you do with a sack full of money? How do you dig up a field without lifting a finger? What is the highest ideal? And what is the greatest vice? How do you protect yourself against hate? Why is spitting healthy for the soul? Is it possible to use time? What does a cow need to be happy? Little Mr Lu Chi, 70 years old and modest, with plenty of life experience and curious as a child, has his very own view of the world. His everyday and astonishing, whimsical and loving wisdom, not only helps you to see beyond the horizon.

  • Surprising, whimsical and wise
  • Life seen from an astonishing perspective
  • Beautifully designed and lovingly illustrated
  • Masterfully illustrated by Barbara Trapp

ISBN: 978-3-86917-841-7
112 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 12.50

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The Author

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Doris Bewernitz

Doris Bewernitz, born in Lübz/Mecklenburg, lives as a freelance writer in Berlin. The mother of two sons has gathered experiences in professions such as paediatric nurse, court reporter, mathematics teacher and gestalt therapist. She is the author of many successful publications, has received several literary awards and is a founding member of the author group »Aufbruch Berlin« (Awakening Berlin)