Rainer Haak

Bird´s-Eye Views

Good Wishes for Inspiration

Listen to a bird and imagine that it sings only for you! Rainer Haak’s inspiring wishes invite you to take a new look at your own life. His poems encourage you have open eyes for life’s diversity and an open heart for all the friendship and love that is given to you.

  • For Birthdays
  • Humorous and truly refreshing

ISBN: 978-3-86917-683-3
48 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 9.00

Title in German

The Author

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Rainer Haak

Rainer Haak was a youth leader, waiter, bookseller, pastor and a concert and travel organiser before he became one of the most successful book authors with more than nine million books sold in the German-speaking world.