Stephanie Hauschild

Paradise on Earth

The Gardens of the Cistercians

Many monastery gardens truly seem like paradise: their design and the selection of plants generate a harmonious atmosphere and offer the beholder a delightful view. But for the monks, their gardens were not only places of silence and meditation, but also places of great activity: herbs and fruits needed to be reaped and prepared, and flowers and vegetables required careful tending, so they could be used as food and medicine for the monastery. That way, the monks gained a comprehensive knowledge about gardening.

Using many photos and historical illustrations, the author traces the life of the Cistercian monks, their relationship with nature and their in-depth knowledge of the various uses of plants. Delicious historical recipes make this book also a great pleasure for the palate!

  • Gardening knowledge of the monks
  • Monastery gardens – a topic of current interest
  • With beautiful photographs and unique historical illustrations
  • Featuring delicious recipes

ISBN: 978-3-7995-3530-4
Hardback with jacket
112 pages
with numerous photos and illustrations
Format 23,8 x 23,8 cm
EUR 19.90

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Stephanie Hauschild

Dr. Stephanie Hauschild is a cultural historian and lives in Darmstadt, Germany, with her family. Her book »Oasis for the Senses – How the Garden Moved into the Living Room« was awarded the 2008 prize for the best book on gardening history.