Dorothée Waechter

Now I´m a Gardener!

Step by step to gardening happiness

Starting a new garden is quite literally new territory. We have a vision of a paradise of flowers, fruit and vegetables, but the path to achieve that seems long. With the right information and a little bit of a ‘feel’ for plants, however, it’s no problem at all.
With this book, Dorothée Waechter provides a guide to achieving your dream garden and explains how to establish a personal and natural garden that will bring you joy and inspire you to further gardening projects. Basic information—from choosing the proper tools and planning a garden to planting and taking care of your garden—helps you discover the pleasures of your new, green hobby.

  • Everything beginners need to know about planning, planting, and caring for a garden
  • Includes lots of information about the best garden plants and what they require
  • Dorothée Waechter is a well-known garden expert and successful gardening author

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1145-2
136 pages
with numerous photos
Format 19 x 24 cm
EUR 20.00

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The Author

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Dorothée Waechter

Landscape engineer Dorothée Waechter is a specialized journalist for various gardening magazines and also appears on television as a gardening expert.