Irmgard Denneler / Edith Berner

Mrs. Denneler’s Garden

A Gardener Reveals Her Green Secrets

A wonderful abundance of flowers with little work: it is just a small plot of ground in the middle of a meadow, and yet visitors stand before a little paradise, astonished. From March to October flowers grow, vegetables and herbs grow, birds and butterflies flit through the air.

“How on earth did you do it?” Irmgard Denneler is often asked. The answer is a combination of traditional gardening knowledge and patient observation of nature: how to get along without artificial fertilizers and pesticides, how to keep the soil covered, the best way to support weak stalks, which butterflies need a little help reproducing, which plants make good combinations or should be planted in succession, which old types of vegetables thrive best …

You will learn a lot by accompanying Irmgard Denneler in her garden for a year, above all to love and care for nature.

  • An experienced natural gardener tells all
  • Photos depicting a garden throughout the year
  • Sustained gardening with flowers, vegetables and herbsn

ISBN: 978-3-7995-0626-7
136 pages
with numerous photographs
Format 19 x 24 cm
EUR 19.99

The Authors

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Irmgard Denneler

Irmgard Denneler is an enthusiastic hobby gardener. Since many years her garden has been one of the major highlights of the annual day of garden tours in her home town in southern Germany, Esslingen am Neckar. She also shares her knowledge of herbs through the local Association of Natural Healing.

Edith Berner