Andreas Barlage

How Do Roots Know Where Down Is?

Worthwhile and Curious Facts about the Garden

Where do insects actually spend the winter? Do plants grow better when I talk to them? Can a plant get sunburned? Why do the weeds somehow always grow better than the flowers that I planted?
Such questions and similar ones are asked time and again by every enthusiastic (hobby) gardener. Andreas Barlage answers these and many other questions, disproving old wives’ tales and myths from the plant world in an engaging and entertaining way thanks to extensive knowledge from his own garden practice.

  • Informative facts about gardening half-truths
  • Written in an engaging and entertaining style
  • Beautifully illustrated with historical plant pictures
  • A wonderful gift for all garden fans

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1330-2
184 pages
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Andreas Barlage

Born in 1963 in a small town in Westphalia, Andreas Barlage already gained his first experiences with plants in his parents’ garden. After studying landscape design at the University of Hanover, Germany, he immediately started working with green things, and for about 15 years he has been active as an author, editor and lecturer. He has moved several times to pursue his work, and each time has found a different garden situation at his new home and improved on it. It’s no wonder that he is familiar with many different placements and conditions and the plants that thrive in them. The numerous books he has written that include guidance and advice reflect that. Now he introduces his most personal work yet – homage to his favorite plants.