Stephanie Hauschild / Melanie Wagner / Christina Kratzenberg

Green under Glass

Low-Maintenance Indoor Gardens

The principle is simple: a transparent container with a good seal is upended over a container of earth and placed in the light. Inside it are various plants, which remain alive and even continue to grow profusely – without any further air circulation, additional water or nutrients. The effort involved is minimal. This technique makes it possible to cultivate plants that would otherwise not thrive in the dry, heated air of our modern homes, and the planted containers are beautiful and decorative. This book thoroughly explains how to select just the right plants, mix the proper potting soil and plant Wardian cases as well as where they will best thrive and how to take care of your miniature garden.

  • A paradise for indoor plants
  • Impressive houseplants that don’t require a green thumb
  • Topic currently of great interest, the Wardian Case: the rediscovery of the Victorian terrarium
  • Simple instructions with photos

ISBN: 978-3-7995-0716-5
88 pages
with numerous photographs
Format 16 x 21 cm
EUR 14.90

The Authors

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Stephanie Hauschild

Dr. Stephanie Hauschild is a cultural historian and lives in Darmstadt, Germany, with her family. Her book »Oasis for the Senses – How the Garden Moved into the Living Room« was awarded the 2008 prize for the best book on gardening history.

Melanie Wagner

Melanie Wagner is a florist and lives in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, with her family.

Christina Kratzenberg