Dorothée Waechter

A Potpourri of Flowers

Gardening with Colorful Mixed Flowers

Wildly colorful, natural and easy to care for – those are the advantages of the new combinations of flowers that are turning unused city spaces into little garden oases, but increasingly also brighten gardens, balconies and windowsills. The mixtures of annuals and perennials not only bring to mind grand bouquets of flowers, they are also a playground for bees, bumblebees and other beneficial insects.

How to put together the best combinations, what to take into consideration, and how to complement the lovely field of flowers with just the right shrubs or bulb flowers is explained by popular author and gardening expert Dorothée Waechter in her new book.

  • Mixed flowers are all the rage
  • Transform any garden into a magnificent, colorful flowerbed
  • A paradise for bees, bumblebees and the like
  • Includes helpful contact information

ISBN: 978-3-7995-0615-1
136 pages
with numerous photographs
Format 19 x 24 cm
EUR 22.99

The Author

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Dorothée Waechter

Landscape engineer Dorothée Waechter is a specialized journalist for various gardening magazines and also appears on television as a gardening expert.