Lynn Hoefer

Simply Heavenly Healthy

Natural, Quick Recipes for Real Life

In her new book, the successful blogger and author Lynn Hoefer shows how healthy food can be simply and quickly integrated into everyday life. With some preparation but a minimal amount of effort, it is easy to have a healthy diet. And quite incidentally, it is also possible to save the world a little bit in the process. Lynn not only cooks extremely delicious, plant-based foods but also makes sure that she consciously has a sustainable lifestyle and does not waste any food. But the most important thing for her is: Healthy nutrition MUST be fun!

  • Quick, easy and healthy
  • Second book by this bestselling author: 12,000 sold copies of “Heavenly Healthy”
  • Trendy topics like meal prep, sustainability and using leftovers
  • With tips for real life that are suitable for everyday use and easy to make

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1442-2
248 pages
Format 19 x 24 cm
EUR 28.00

The Author

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Lynn Hoefer

Lynn Hoefer is a food blogger, holistic nutritionist, food stylist and columnist. Through her diagnosis of hypertension, Lynn found her way to healthy nutrition and began to publish her passion for natural recipes on her »Heavenlynn Healthy« blog. It has become one of the most successful German blogs in the area of healthy and balanced nutrition.