Kathrin Salzwedel / Ramin Madani

Root Vegetables

Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes for Cold Days

Root vegetables such as celery root, red beets, carrots or parsnips are among the typical winter vegetables. They have a long shelf life and enrich our winter cuisine with their wonderfully earthy or crispy-fresh aromas. New savoury and even sweet vegan and vegetarian recipes with familiar and almost-forgotten types of root vegetables – as well as recipe classics with a new twist – make sure that we will never get bored with vegetable cuisine this year.

  • The perfect book for vegetable box subscribers
  • In addition to the "classics," it provides recipes for old types of vegetables such as black salsify, Jerusalem artichoke, turnips and much more
  • With interesting facts about cultivation, harvest, season and contents

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1523-8
232 pages
Format 19 x 26 cm
EUR 28.00

The Authors

© Ramin Madani

Kathrin Salzwedel

Kathrin Salzwedel lives at the edge of the Northern Black Forest together with her bantams. Her food-blog »klaraslife« was born from the passion for photography and baking. Her favorite place is her kitchen where she creates new recipes daily. Kathrin is professionally active as food stylist as well.

© Kathrin Salzwedel

Ramin Madani

Ramin Mandani lives at the edge of the Northern Black Forest together with his bantams. The food-blog »klaraslife« was born from his passion for photography and baking. He creates new recipes daily.