Julia Cawley / Saskia van Deelen / Vera Schäper

Hola Sol

Caribbean - Palm Trees, Beach and Good Food

We say goodbye to the snow and cold because this cookbook offers a pure summer-sun-holiday feeling! The recipes and stories are inspired by the culinary diversity of Central America, the beaches of the Caribbean and the impressive Latin American lifestyle – because not just life but also the cooking pots bubble here. The recipes in this book are as diverse and extraordinary as the countries and people of the Caribbean: Creole fish, Mexican tacos and Caribbean bowls paired with Indian spices and exotic fruit.

  • More than just a cookbook: with stories and unique landscape photographs
  • The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise destinations
  • By the photographer of New York Christmas and the author trio of Hello Snow

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1339-5
168 pages
Format 19 x 26 cm
EUR 28.00

The Authors

© Franziska Krauss

Julia Cawley

Julia Cawley is a freelance photographer. After spending five years in New York, her adopted home is now Hamburg. Her photos can be found in various cookbooks and food magazines. Furthermore, she has run the »Liz & Jewels« food blog for many years.

© Fee van Deelen

Saskia van Deelen

Saskia van Deelen lives in Hamburg. She holds a degree in business administration, works as a nutritionist and passionately cooks, bakes, writes, styles and photographs for her »Dee’s Küche« (Dee’s Kitchen) food blog.

© Hanna Witte

Vera Schäper

Vera Schäper is a graphic designer and lecturer from Cologne, where she develops book and magazine concepts. Together with Jens Rehling, she operates the design office of vrej. Vera loves yoga and is currently studying to become a consciousness trainer.