Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch

Blossom Dinner

Special Menus with Edible Flowers

Using blossoms in the kitchen means appealing to our senses with their beauty, fragrance and taste. Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch will take you on a journey of discovery through a colourful garden full of edible blossoms. Discover the smell and taste of the individual blossoms, as well as how they are used in the kitchen for fine menus. You will also learn how to »capture« and preserve their aroma in order to enjoy roses, lavender, daylily and jasmine all year round.

  • Unique menus with a wow effect
  • Extra: The 50 most important edible flowers portrayed and explained
  • With ideas for the pantry and as gifts: blossom syrup, blossom spices, blossom mustard, etc.

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1318-0
184 pages
Format 23 x 27 cm
EUR 36.00

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The Author

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Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch

Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch was born in Dortmund, Germany, in 1965. In 1997 she founded the »Von Blythen« factory in Berlin. Since then she has very successfully produced high-end products based on 100% natural flower blossoms, which inspire enjoyment and indulgence. Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch shares her knowledge of the sensual world of edible flowers through cooking shows, flower cooking classes and aroma seminars.