Jutta Schneider / Ulrike Schneider

Baking Your Own Breads Made Simple

Our Favorite Recipes with and without Sourdough

"Baking is the time of waiting until the dough is ready. That's the secret formula. I always thought that I needed a professional machine, instruction videos and the finest flours from Switzerland or France in order to bake my own fluffy, good bread at home. But the opposite is the case. Especially the resting periods – the fermentation time of a dough – is what determines a loaf of bread's processing and character," according to Ulrike Schneider. In their latest book on baking bread, Ulrike and Jutta Schneider show how simple it is to bake good and wholesome bread and rolls on your own. Clearly organised according to rising time, there's something here for everyone: quick pan breads, breads that are allowed to rest overnight or delicious bread compositions with seeds and original grains that sometimes require up to a day before they are served crispy and fresh on our table.

  • Organized according to rising time: quick recipes and recipes with a longer dough process
  • With classic German and internationally inspired recipes

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1522-1
136 pages
Format 19 x 24 cm
EUR 22.00

The Authors

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Jutta Schneider

Jutta Schneider lives in the southern Black Forest and is a freelance photojournalist. Renowned magazine and book publishers have featured her pictures in numerous publications on the subjects of gardening, nature and traditions.

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Ulrike Schneider

Ulrike Schneider, born in 1965, is a geologist and home baker. She is a family-oriented person married to a passionate bread gourmand, and has baked her own breads for a long time. Her motto is to stay playful and try with confidence, not only when it comes to bread. She lives in Karlsruhe, Germany.