Andrea Natschke-Hofmann

Baking from the Fruit Garden

With Year-Round Enjoyment

In each of Andrea Natschke-Hofmann`s recipes, which are organised according to the season, the reader senses that she was practically born with a gift for baking: The blogger comes from a family of bakers and already discovered her love of this craft as a child. New recipes and newly interpreted classics awaken a desire for heavenly baked goods with fruit and vegetables.

  • The author comes from a family of bakers and has the »baking gene« in her blood
  • Baking with fruit and vegetables in keeping with the season
  • Newly interpreted classics and baking trends

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1248-0
136 pages
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The Author

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Andrea Natschke-Hofmann

Andrea Natschke-Hofmann is a mother of three who is crazy about baking and cooking. She lives close to Frankfurt am Main. Coming from a family of bakers, she has the »baking gene« in her blood. She has been writing her German-language blog since the end of 2012.