Julia Cawley / Saskia van Deelen / Vera Schäper

A Day in the Alps

Wellness Recipes for Cold Days

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Alps, the magnificent natural world and sight of crystal clear lakes. Let yourself be inspired by the contrast between the blue of the sky and the snow-covered cliffs, as well as by memories of long winter walks and sunny ski tours. But we know: The happiness of reaching the summit also includes the enjoyment of hearty cuisine! Saskia van Deelen has put together unique combinations for us: A snack with Bavarian Cheese Spread and spicy Cranberry-Barberry Jam, hearty main dishes such as Spinach Dumplings with Gorgonzola Sauce, as well as sweet treats like Caramelised Shredded Buckwheat Pancakes with Quince-Grape Compote.

  • With beautiful landscape photos and recipes for modern interpretations of Alpine cuisine
  • The Alps as a destination of longing, where nature is still untouched and life is authentic

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1524-5
168 pages
Format 23 x 27 cm
EUR 29.00

The Authors

© Franziska Krauss

Julia Cawley

Julia Cawley is a freelance photographer. After spending five years in New York, her adopted home is now Hamburg. Her photos can be found in various cookbooks and food magazines. Furthermore, she has run the »Liz & Jewels« food blog for many years.

© Fee van Deelen

Saskia van Deelen

Saskia van Deelen lives in Hamburg. She holds a degree in business administration, works as a nutritionist and passionately cooks, bakes, writes, styles and photographs for her »Dee’s Küche« (Dee’s Kitchen) food blog.

© Hanna Witte

Vera Schäper

Vera Schäper is a graphic designer and lecturer from Cologne, where she develops book and magazine concepts. Together with Jens Rehling, she operates the design office of vrej. Vera loves yoga and is currently studying to become a consciousness trainer.