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Baptismal Bible

With baptism, parents and godparents are making a promise to love, protect, and encourage their child – and they ask God’s blessing on that promise. In the course of the day and especially evenings before going to sleep there are plenty of opportunities to inquire about God and to discover traces of Him in life, in big things and seemingly small ones.
This baptismal Bible therefore gently leads children into the world of Christian faith. It illustrates opportunities to speak about God, and introduces more than 20 Biblical stories.
This book is like a seed from which faith can grow!

  • Exceptional and unique baptismal gift
  • Biblical stories told for children, ideal for bedtime reading
  • Appropriate even for very young children

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0896-1
64 pages
Four color
Format 16 x 21 cm
EUR 15.00

The Author

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Martina Steinkühler

Dr. Martina Steinkühler was born in 1961. She studied Protestant theology and ancient languages, then worked as a teacher and in the editorial department of a church newspaper. Since 2000 she has been an editor in the field of religious education. In addition, she has written numerous books for parents and children.