Jochen Weeber / Fariba Gholizadeh

What on Earth is Wrong with Gisbert?

Gisbert has lots of friends and feels very comfortable in his giraffe skin. One day he hears two hyenas whispering behind his back about his brown spots, and suddenly he feels smaller! Then the hippo comments that his trumpet playing is terrible – and he shrinks a little more. This continues and gets worse, until he feels so small that he can even crawl underneath the sofa. But one day, when his friends leave a piece of cake and a card on his doorstep, Gisbert finally knows what is wrong with him.

  • from »dissing« to mobbing: an important topic for kindergarden and school
  • an endearing story about the power of words
  • with marvelous colorful illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0701-8
24 pages
4-color throughout
Format 22 x 24 cm
EUR 12.99

The Authors

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Jochen Weeber

Jochen Weeber, born in Vaihingen, Germany, in 1971, is an author of books and radio plays. In addition, he is the inventor of the AUTHORMAT (a poetry- reading vending machine), plays the accordion, is married and has two children. He regularly holds (musical) readings in schools.

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Fariba Gholizadeh

Fariba Gholizadeh was born in Iran and studied graphic design in Tehran and in Mainz, Germany. As soon as she starts to draw, her pictures come to life and begin to tell her their own story. The greatest storyteller is the cat, who seems to draw itself into every book... Fariba Gholizadeh is married and has lived in Stuttgart – unfortunately without a cat – since 1999.