Soheyla Sadr

Liese and Böb

When good and bad meet

The good can´t do otherwise, it is just purely good. But it would like to learn how to be bad. For this reason it starts to search for someone who can teach him that. After a few nasty encounters it finally meets the bad! »Why do you want to learn how to be bad?« the bad asks surprised. »When you are good all the time, some people are mean to you. They take advantage of you or don´t take you seriously«, the good answers. And so they decide to club together. A story of good and bad, black and white and the power of togetherness.

  • Good and bad, black and white: important topic for children
  • All-age story, not only for little readers

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0945-6
30 pages
Four color
Format 22 x 24 cm
EUR 13.00

The Author

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Soheyla Sadr

Soheyla Sadr is a freelance illustrator and author who lives in Lübeck, Germany.