Jochen Weeber / Fariba Gholizadeh

Henrietta Feels the Wind

Henrietta has three favorite things in life: computer games, computer games, and computer games. Until one day a ball flies through her window, and as a result she meets Ollie, Paul, and Louise. They take Henrietta along to a fascinating place...outside! There, for the first time, Henrietta experiences what the wind feels like, and friendship, and frog legs!

  • Actual experience versus digital reality: an important topic in preschools and schools
  • Endearing, gorgeous and colorful drawings that illustrate the theme

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0881-7
32 pages
Four color
Format 22 x 24 cm
EUR 12.99

The Authors

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Jochen Weeber

Jochen Weeber, born in Vaihingen, Germany, in 1971, is an author of books and radio plays. In addition, he is the inventor of the AUTHORMAT (a poetry- reading vending machine), plays the accordion, is married and has two children. He regularly holds (musical) readings in schools.

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Fariba Gholizadeh

Fariba Gholizadeh was born in Iran and studied graphic design in Tehran and in Mainz, Germany. As soon as she starts to draw, her pictures come to life and begin to tell her their own story. The greatest storyteller is the cat, who seems to draw itself into every book... Fariba Gholizadeh is married and has lived in Stuttgart – unfortunately without a cat – since 1999.