Annett Stütze / Britta Vorbach

Grandpa, What Color is Death?

With illustrations by Mascha Greune

Grandpa rabbit is excited for spring. But he also feels that it will be his last. He has become old and tired. That´s why he decides to talk about death with the little rabbit, to tell him that he will die. The little rabbit doesn´t want to believe that grandpa will go away forever. But then he gets curious and starts asking many questions. Together they experience a wonderful summer. As the fall approaches Grandpa rabbit feels that his time has come. The little rabbit stays by his side until his last breath. He is of course terribly sad but still he knows that grandpa will always be in his heart.

  • Important topic for children
  • Comforting book, also in preparation for the death of a beloved relative

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0953-1
30 pages
Four color
Format 22 x 24 cm
EUR 13.00

The Authors

© Markus Kohz

Annett Stütze

Annett Stütze is a freelancer in the field of children´s and young adult books. For several years she has worked as language teacher abroad.

© Privat

Britta Vorbach

Britta Vorbach is trained elementary school teacher and was editor at renowned publishers of children´s books. For some years now she is a freelancer.