Wolfgang Roth

Understanding C.G. Jung

Basics to Analytical Psychology

In clear, comprehensible language this book gives access to the often thought of as “difficult” works of Jung with his important basic concepts – those of the shadow, the archetype, the individual and collective unconscious, the complex, the ego and the self. Most importantly, using the interpretation of dreams – the core of Jung’s psychology – Roth vividly explains specifics of Jung’s thinking and in doing so systematically dissociating it from that of Sigmund Freud. The biographical background, in particular Jung’s discussion with Freud, also conveys a lively and vivid picture of analytical psychology which, in view of modern natural sciences, is enjoying increasing attention.

  • Profound introduction to the Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung
  • Central concepts explained in a comprehensible way

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1231-9
264 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
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The Author

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Wolfgang Roth

Wolfgang Roth is a Doctor of medicine and a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine. He is also an educational therapist as well as an analytical psychologist in his own practice in Munich, Germany. He has published many scientific articles and has made contributions to books as well as being a lecturer at the C.G. Jung Institute in Munich, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland.