Ingrid Riedel

The Secret of the Second Half of Life

Women Find Themselves

When women cross the threshold of 40, many things change: The time in which they were young is over. The children are grown. Some possibilities for shaping life are exhausted. Routine dominates the profession. During their 50s – the phase of menopause – not only the female body changes. For many women, there are also major inner changes and upheavals: They have to give up what is old and search for new challenges. In their 60s, when they already have more practice in letting go, new freedoms can be lived out. This frequently involves a search for and experience of meaning. The renowned Jungian analyst Ingrid Riedel uses many examples to describe how women in the second half of life discover new perspectives of themselves and the world. Her book can encourage women between 40 and 70 years to open up to transformation and renewal time and again.

  • The classic on the second half of women's lives
  • Help in orientation for women between forty and seventy

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1281-4
208 pages
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The Author

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Ingrid Riedel

Ingrid Riedel, honorary professor of the psychology of religion and privately practicing psychotherapist in Constance, Germany, is a lecturer and teaching analyst at the C.G. Jung Institutes in Zurich, Switzerland, and Stuttgart, Germany. She has published numerous books with Patmos.