Luise Reddemann / Sylvia Wetzel

May All Beings be Happy

Rediscover sympathy and justice

We are living in a time of upheaval. Many people feel lost. Millions are fleeing, are threatened by hunger, torture and war. In the west, we still live in relative safety. But while some want to help, others isolate themselves or marginalize others. What is the significance of sympathy and justice for the development of the individual, for coexistence and for the international community?
The renowned neurologist and psychoanalyst Luise Redemann and the well-known Buddhist meditation teacher Sylvia Wetzel show how important sympathy and justice are for being human and for humanity.

  • Core values that make us human
  • From a psychotherapeutic and Buddhist view

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The Authors

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Luise Reddemann

Dr. Luise Reddemann is a specialist in psychotherapeutic medicine and was Head of the Medical Center for Psychotherapeutic and Psychosomatic Medicine in Bielefeld. She is honorary professor at the University of Klagenfurt for Psychotraumatology and Medical Psychology. She has published numerous books.

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Sylvia Wetzel

Sylvia Wetzel is publicist and Buddhist meditation teacher. She trained in the Tibetan tradition and was a Buddhist nun. Since 2000 she works in continuing education for psychotherapists together with Luise Reddemann. She has published several books.