Eugen Drewermann

If I Could Only Shudder!

Fear and Overcoming - It Grimm`s Fairy tales Interpreted on the Level of Depth Psychology

Eugen Drewermann has spent many years intensively exploring the wisdom of fairy tales, especially with the Household Tales of the Brothers Grimm. He interprets the following fairy tales in this first publication: – The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was – The Brave Little Tailor – The Owl.

»The deepest fear that we experience happens when we realise what it means to be a human being – the fear of spiritual existence: as an individual, in freedom, wandering between time and eternity. […] This basically can only be resolved in trust, but this requires religious support in a certain sense. But such support in the absolute sense cannot be prescribed nor mandated; what happens when we are without it can certainly be demonstrated. Then we will suppress the fear or frighten others or try to eliminate the supposed sources of the fear. In any case, we will never find ourselves, never truly reach others and never have peace.« E. DREWERMANN

  • Fairy tales interpreted for the first time by E. Drewermann!
  • Successful fairy tale series for many years

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1027-8
Hardcover with dust jacket
336 pages
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Eugen Drewermann

Eugen Drewermann, born in 1940, has a doctorate in theology. When he was suspended from the priesthood and the teaching profession, he began a career as a psychotherapist and writer. To date he has written more than eighty books and his works have been translated into more than a dozen languages.