Stephan Marks

Human Dignity is Vulnerable

What we need and how we can rediscover it

Every day we witness how vulnerable our dignity is: racism, sexism, xenophobia or homophobia make life hard. Children in school are being bullied, unemployed persons are being called “prosperity trash” or the elderly are insulted as »junk«.
Stephan Marks analyses the plenty degradations which poison our human relations and give way to depression, addiction, violence or suicide. The dedicated social scientist shows a number of practical opportunities for taking action, to be able to deal and work with people in a humane way.

  • Important and current topic
  • Prospects for necessary changes

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0935-7
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230 pages
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Stephan Marks

Dr. Stephan Marks is a sociologist and supervisor, with over 20 years’ experience in continuing professional education. His areas of specialization are shame, human dignity, Nazism and collective memory. His seven-year-long research project Geschichte und Erinnerung (‘History and Memory’) addressed the motives of the Nazis’ followers.